Our core goals, principles & values

Bitte um Pardon, dass dieser Teil in Englischer Sprache verfasst ist. Wir hatten von Anfang an einen internationalen Focus und wollten diesen wichtigsten Teil in einer Sprache halten, die international die meisten Menschen verstehen.

Roland Kissling
  1. Abstract
  1. We intend to create a worldwide accessable platform for political participation. People who live in a certain area or show a vital interest for it, can participate by creating or ranking importance of challenges, projects and causes. This will help to initiate concrete local and inter-/national projects, provide copyable succes-models, and show governments areas of massive concern, as well as possible solutions.
  2. In a later phase, the platform could even leverage the process of political decision making. Topics can be tagged local, national or international, and according to that a process of information and decision making is started among all users. 
  3. The project is run by volunteers, funded by fees, donations & public funds, later by governments / UN.
  1. Our understanding of Politics
  1. Politics are the system, how a human group solves problems by initiating meaningful projects on different levels: from the street where people live, to the village, the city, the county, the country and the world.
  1. Humans are genuinely political beings. They want to be valuable members of their group and society. They want to participate, give and receive mutual respect and help for others, and tell their opinion and feelings towards certain problems and initiatives.
  1. Politicians are servants. They are supposed to find out about the will and preferences of the people they are representing, and develop meaningful projects in their interest.
  1. Majority is not enough: the more the opinions and concerns of all people are considered in a decision, the better the decisions become, and the stronger the community spirit gets. If a proposal is being decided with a majority of 51% after a short discussion, and the strongs concerns of the 49% are being wiped from the table, the loosing minority will not support the whole anymore. Instead they will try to attack and revise the decision as fast as possible. A sustainable decision that is being carried by the whole group is only possible, if all concerns are implemented into the project, and nobody is raising a veto anymore. This process takes more time, but is ultimately much more effective. Therefore, we aim for a high percentage of approval, and a low percentage of vetos.
  1. Limited time. The time and attention that people want to invest in common goals and decisions is very limited. But every human has certain topics in which they are very well informed and carry a strong opinion. It is not necessary that every human is deciding about everything – it is sufficient, if people with the same interest around a topic or area are discussing it and prepare decisions that all people concerned can then vote upon.
  1. Our current system of political parties is very inefficient, because a high percentage of the energy is being used to attack the political opponent, instead of discussing the pro’s and con’s of concrete projects and making them happen. A political platform that is project driven is a much better way of supporting concrete and benfecial projects.
  1. A political platform therefore needs the following parts:
  1. Determine the real problems in all aspects of life, local, national and international
  2. Start and support petitions
  3. Develop projects 
    1. where people can describe a goal and possible solution to a problem
    2. with an unlimited level of detail (project management tool)
    3. other people can vote for the project, raise concerns, participate and form a working group
    4. projects can be private (invitation only) or public


We support the following principles in our project:

  1. Direct democracy: supporting and slowly replacing representative democracy
  2. NGO: all people in the project are working on a voluntary basis.
  3. Independence: we aim to be a bottom-up platform from people for people, independent from single political organizations, corporations and VIPs.
  4. Inclusion of all actors: all people concerned by a political decision should be able to discuss and vote.
  5. Data privacy & Security. We try to keep all data secure and give people the ability to decide about their level of privacy.
  6. Transparency: All information and software code is public and open source, also previous discussions and results of decisions. We want to apply blockchain technology for votes.
  7. High UX: Processes are easily understandable and highly usable
  8. Beauty & delight: institute moments for digital joy and play, wide range of learning styles and formats, including audio, video, or graphic resources.
  9. Clarity: Processes follow clear rules
  10. Consensus orientation: we aim to bring all concerns and needs on the table to create the best possible decisions.
  11. Responsibility: The project is committed to improve the lives of people


We encourage people to follow these values:

  1. Together is better: Diverse and inclusive groups offer deeper insights 
  2. Positive Impact: Act for the better of all humanity
  3. Openness: Be transparent about your thoughts, emotions, and needs
  4. Empathy: Seek to understand the needs and concerns of everybody
  5. Optimism: Think positive about the future and innovate
  6. Proactivity: Act, make mistakes, correct them
  7. Support: Making others successful is cool

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